Burwell House is operated as a non profit-making trading unit within Cambridgeshire County Council.

We believe that the service we offer is competitively priced and of a very high standard, and that through the life changing experiences we offer children and young people, is extremely good value for money.

Prices include all food and accommodation for resident group members, as well as teaching costs. We offer one free adult place for every twelve children accompanying the group (or part of).  Thus:

13 – 24 children:  3 adult places free

25 – 36 children:  3 adult places free

37 – 48 children:  4 adult places free

49 – 60 children: 5 adult places free

Any additional adults are charged at the child’s rate, though we offer exceptions for adults who are at the Centre to provide specific additional support to children who’s participation in the trip would be compromised were that adult not present.  Please contact us to discuss this further if this applies to your group.

Prices vary at different times of year, with the more popular summer months being a little more expensive than less popular times.  This matches the pattern followed by most residential Centres.

The prices shown through the links below apply for the 2019/2020 academic year. They represent the cost for a three day, two night  visit for Key Stage 1 or 2 children, arriving at about 10:30am on day 1 and departing at 2:00 – 2:30pm on day 3.  If your intended trip does not fit within this pattern, please contact the Centre for a price.

Please click for our Schools pricelist 2021 – 2022

Please phone the office for prices for Key Stage 3 or 4 residential visits.

Additional Charges

Some activities have additional charges to cover the cost of resources or the services of an outside agency.  The charges will be added to your final invoice but not included in the initial deposits made.

Please contact us for information regarding additional costs

Course Cancellation Policy

Groups will be liable for 20% of the course fee based on projected numbers from 20 weeks prior to the visit commencement.

Groups will be invoiced for 20% of the fee at 16 weeks prior to the visit.

Groups will be liable for 50% of the fee from 12 weeks prior to the visit.

Groups will be liable for 100% of the fee from 8 weeks prior to the visit.

Groups will be invoiced the remaining balance, up to 100% of the course fee after the visit