TV Studio

Our professionally equipped TV studio provides a fantastic learning experience.

This unique space provides children with a fantastic opportunity to create and film live news or other studio ‘type’ programmes on subjects of their choosing. This activity can be chosen as part of a residential visit, or as a day visit option. During their time in the studio each child will work on both the presentation and technical sides of the programme.

Scripts are normally researched, planned and written at school before the visit. Programmes can link to any topic or any subject – giving real depth to the learning in any area of the curriculum. Examples of programmes recorded in the past include news programmes set in ancient Greece and during World War 2, magazine style shows interviewing characters from books and even a Victorian Dragon’s Den!

During the show itself this presentation team get to set up their show, rehearse and then perform in front of the cameras. This is an excellent opportunity for wonderful creative writing – children who have got ‘stuck’ in their writing really have something to write for and do so with remarkable vigour. In addition there are fantastic opportunities on the day itself for reading, speaking and listening. At the end of the session, any recorded material will be put onto USB sticks for the school to take home.

034Behind the scenes are the technical crew, working hard as a team to get a show made. The control has been designed to simulate a real broadcasting control room and provides a unique and engaging way for students to access the computing national curriculum. During their time in this team each child gets an important production role – using the cameras, the iPads, the Mac minis or their voices to produce the show. In roles such as Vision Mixer, Sound Effects, Titles and the all-important Director the children have to focus very hard on working together in order for a successful broadcast.

“This project has surpassed my expectations in improving the attitude, confidence and ability of the children in this group” Cottenham Primary School

TV Studio Day visit bookings

Please contact us on 01638 741256 to discuss our day visit options and availability.