If you’re visiting us soon, there are a probably a whole load of questions swimming around in your head.  We try to answer some of them here.

What are the bedrooms like?

They are all different. The smallest room takes 4 children and the biggest takes 14.  Your staff decide who is going where – they will probably talk to you about this at school before you come.  You can see some pictures of the bedrooms if you look at the Discover page, and click on the upstairs hotspot.

When is bedtime?

Your teachers make that decision.  They will understand that you’re quite excited about being away and will make it a fair time.  However, if you don’t sleep properly then you’ll find the days very long and tiring so we’d suggest you follow any advice they give you.

Where do teachers sleep?

Their rooms are just down the corridor from yours, so if there’s an emergency, you’ll easily be able to find them.  They are close enough to hear you though, so don’t gossip about them too loudly!

Is there a shop?

There is a small souvenir shop, but some schools choose not to use it.  It sells a range of different souvenirs and a few sweets and drinks, though some schools choose only to sell the souvenirs.  £8 would be more than enough, though your teachers will tell you exactly how much you can bring.

Will we get free time?

Almost certainly.  Our breaktimes and session times don’t work like a school so you won’t hear a bell ring at 11am for break.  There will be breaktime / playtime / freetime in the timetable, but how long for, and what you’ll do during it depends on the weather, the activity and how well your teachers think you’ve been behaving!

Will we have to share with another school?

NO.  That’s one of the best things about Burwell House.  You will be the only people staying here.  You might see a few other people around when you arrive and when you go home again, but while you’re here, Burwell House is your house – not even our staff stay over.