Who you’ll meet

The staff are all a bit shy, so the photos aren’t great, but here’s a little bit about the people who work here.

Head of Burwell and Stibbington Centre – Sarah Crocombe

Sarah started at Burwell and Stibbington in 2021 before working here she worked for Somerset County Council at Kilve Court, prior to that she was Head of Centre for Girlguiding Scotland running their outdoor activity and training Centre. She has a background in adventurous activities and Education.  OB her Spaniel has been working in outdoor centre’s since he was 8 weeks old and loves a tummy rub and can be found onsite and in the office or on his lead sniffing out the children onsite.

Deputy Head of Centre – Daniel Aken

Before starting at Burwell House in February 2022 Dan had been busy as a Sports coach, lifeguard and leisure manager, and more recently a corporate event manager working for some of the largest corporations delivering team building, fun days and incentive trips. His interests are winter sports, personal development and helping to prepare the next generation for a fun and productive practical life in the great outdoors within the natural world.

His favourite Burwell activity is Shelter build and his favourite Burwell meal is home made chicken goujons.

Tutor – Antonia (Toni) Johnson

Before coming to Burwell House in 2007 Toni worked at a Centre in woodland near London, and before that at a Centre by the sea on the Isle of Wight. Her favourite place to be is outdoors, where she loves to do activities such as walking and canoeing.

In the past she has been a competitive gymnast in Sports Acrobatics. Other jobs she has had include a job as a waitress, a bar maid and a gymnastics coach. She once delivered teeth to dentists!

Her favourite Burwell activity is The Great Eggscape and her favourite Burwell meal is Pasta Bolognaise.

Tutor – Edd Mitchell

Edd started at Burwell House in September 2011, and he’s been a youth worker in Cambridge since 2010. Before that he was at University in Sheffield studying Film.

Edd likes making a lot of noise playing the drums and his favourite place to be is in a muddy field at a music festival or at the Emirates Stadium watching the mighty Arsenal!

His favourite Burwell activity is (of course) the TV Studio and his favourite meal is the roast dinner!

Tutor –

In the Office

In the office you will find our business support manager Amanda , though she does venture out into the open sometimes!  She will make sure your visit is organised properly.  Amanda loves spending time with the family and holidaying in Devon.

Gary is our Site Coordinator who makes sure the house and grounds are well looked after.  He loves his motorbike and his pet chickens.  Sophie does all sorts of bits and bobs – including keeping the office clean and tidy – you’ll see her all over the place.

In the Kitchens

Preparing your meals in the kitchen you will find our catering team.  Look out for our fantastic kitchen staff Claire, Tanya, Vicky, Gary, Ruth and Angie (their Yorkshire puddings rise and rise and rise and cakes are second to none.


Making sure your rooms are ready are our domestic team.  Look out for  Louise, Sadie and Karen (make sure your rooms are tidy or they’ll have words).

In the gardens

Lots of sculptures are dotted around the garden, and along with the rich and varied wildlife that makes its home here, we like to think as all of them as part of the team.