What you’ll do

doHow you’ll spend your time.

We have loads of different activities at Burwell House, and your teachers and leaders will decide with us which ones are most suitable for your group or class.

Whatever activities are chosen, we try to make sure that everyone does things they haven’t done before, that they are great fun and that you learn lots of new and interesting things from doing them.

You will certainly learn a lot about yourself – How well do you get on with your friends? Can you work together in different groups?  Can you show responsibility for yourself and for others?

We’re sure that whatever activities you do you’ll enjoy them, and that your class or group will get better and better at working as a team during your stay.

You can find out a bit more about all the activities by clicking here.

At the end of each visit, we ask groups of children what their favourite activities were – this is what last years groups thought.

Activities – what was your favourite?

Burwell Fox – 105

Using a map and finding ‘food’ in the garden – don’t get caught by the hunters!

Snail Game – 72

Sort of a treasure hunt – usually this happens when you arrive

Arts and Crafts – 58

Loads of different ones – all fun!

TV Studio – 53

Work as a team to produce a professional News programme

Team Challenges/Great Eggscape – 37

Working as a team to complete a series of bizarre challenges

Orienteering – 32

Lots of different activities where you learn and use map skills

Earthwalks – 21

Some short activities where you have to use all your senses to explore parts of the garden