At Burwell House we strive to make all our facilities and activities accessible to all.

Our flexibility in planning a course ensures that from the point of booking through until the course itself, that if we are made aware of any accessibility issue, we can work with school staff to ensure needs are met.

Whether it be through adaptation of timetables or through hiring in of specialist equipment we will do our utmost to ensure that all visitors are able to participate in your course.

The house and garden

Hygeine suite

In 2007 the house had a fully adapted hygiene suite installed downstairs, enabling wheelchair users to access toilet, hand washing and shower facilities.  When groups have wheelchair users amongst them, we can convert one of our downstairs meeting rooms to a bedroom to accommodate them.  All downstairs areas of the house that may be used by visitors, including the TV studio and craft studio, have been assessed and where necessary adapted to make them wheelchair accessible.

Most of the garden is accessible to a wheelchair. At certain times of year it can get muddy, but all activities  within the garden have been assessed, and where possible potential adaptations have been identified whereby all users can take participate.


The activities

We have completed an audit of all our led activities, assessing them for accessibility in terms of mobility, visual and auditory, and where possible have identified other issues too (e.g. fine motor skills).

From this audit, we have identified adaptations we can make to specific needs as and when they arise – this will be used to inform the planning of any course where a child with accessibility needs is identified.

We try to ensure that all our printed information, both in poster or paper form, comply with RNIB clearprint guidance, and all printed materials can be made available with larger typefaces if required.