Over many years we have developed a very wide range of activities covering a great number of curriculum areas.

We continually develop new, innovative and interesting activities, and strive to improve upon the sessions we already run

Groups who stay with us find that no matter what activities they select, their pupils show increased confidence, independence, and decision-making ability following the visit, and we believe that our wide variety of activities help to create more motivated learners, and help in raising standards.

This is by no means a complete list.   If you wish to see a more comprehensive guide to the different curriculum areas we cover please download our topic web, or for more detailed descriptions of the activities we offer please download our schools’ handbook.



Tv studio control room windowTV Studio

Extensively refurbished during 2014, our professionally equipped studio provides a fantastic learning experience.  During a session groups plan and produce a television programme (usually a news broadcast).Scripts are normally written at school before the visit and can be based on any topic the children may be studying. During the broadcast the group not only perform but also operate all the technical equipment, ensuring the smooth running of the show!  The performance is recorded onto USB stick which the school can take away with them.

As well as obvious literacy and ICT attributes this is a fantastic teambuilding opportunity.

 garden pond areaMapwork and Orienteering

A wide variety of fun activities to teach and reinforce mapping techniques.  These have been developed to span wide age and ability ranges, using the house, its grounds and the local village of Burwell.


 victorian_2_dsc00157House history – the Victorians

With a large number of potential activities, a whole course can be designed around this area. As a conclusion to a Victorian day, a banquet takes some beating, with some children taking the role of the Ball family, and others acting as servants for the evening, finishing the day in fine style.


burwell churchLocal history

The village of Burwell is a fascinating place with an interesting past and a wide array of fine historical buildings and areas which reflect this.  These include a superb parish church, a windmill, a castle site and many other old buildings showing clues to the past.

The nearby Devil’s Dyke Anglo Saxon earthwork takes us further into the past and when at this site we often borrow historical artefacts and costume from the local archaeology service to enhance the children’s learning.

The Fens themselves also have a fascinating past, which can be studied on walks in the area or during a visit to the nearby Burwell Museum a fabulous rural life museum with much of interest.

 istock_000000643422_lLocal Geography

The large village of Burwell provides an interesting locality study. On walks around the village children might utilise maps at different scales, investigate building materials and styles, look at the provision of shops and services, complete sound maps, or complete traffic and pedestrian surveys.

The nearby village of Fordham has an excellent river study site. Children can test pollution levels, measure rates of flow, plot cross-sectional river transects and field sketch a good example of a meander. They can also use maps to plot the river’s course from source to mouth. This activity involves the children going into the water (and may well involve going over wellie height, so is best avoided in the winter!)

 wicken-fen-national-natureEnvironmental Science

The grounds of Burwell House provide a safe and stimulating area to explore the environment. We encourage the children to use their senses to discover more about the world around them and to develop a true feeling of awe and wonder.  As well as meadow and pond habitat areas, our grounds have many fine trees making an ideal environemtnal study area.

We are especially fortunate to be located within walking distance of Wicken Fen Nature Reserve. A visit to this exceptional National Trust property can offer a range of environmental studies that enable students to explore and understand the Fenland habitat.

 craft studion clay1Art and Craft

Many of our visitors take part in a range of unusual and interesting sessions which make good use of local materials and staff expertise, providing activities which may not be possible in a school setting.  As well as clay models (pictured) groups regularly participate in Enamelling, Batik, Natural Art (outside), Corn Dollies and pin & thread art.


Teambuilding is always at the heart of any course at Burwell House whatever activities are chosen.  However, a range of specific team challenge sessions – the Great Eggscape, the Burwell Challenge, Ballistas and others all focus on developing and using good teamworking skills.