What will children gain from visiting Burwell House – is it worth it?

There is just so much.  Teachers tell us that on returning from the house, children show a far higher level of responsibility and independence.  Their social skills will be enhanced greatly through spending time with their class – eating together and sharing rooms with their friends.  They will learn a huge amount from whatever timetable their school choose to pursue, and will talk about the whole experience for days, weeks and months afterwards.  Perhaps more than anything, the Burwell House experience is about getting children to work together – their teamwork skills will be hugely enhanced.

Who else will be staying in the house?

Our policy at Burwell House is to only ever take one residential group at a time. On some days there maybe an incoming and an outgoing group on site for the morning.  As the Centre has several separate work spaces, there may be other small groups of visitors using the facilities non-residentially during weekdays.

Who is responsible for the students?

Visiting school staff have responsibility for the students during their visit.  Our teaching team will ensure that the range of activities in which the children partake are appropriate, enjoyable and safe.  Our domestic team will ensure that the children’s needs are catered for with good food, comfy rooms and a secure, well maintained house.

What support is there in an emergency?

Overnight, teachers will be left with a phone and a list of emergency contact numbers, including those for Centre staff. Our site co-ordinator has accommodation within the grounds and will generally be the primary contact.

Is there a first-aider on site?

All our education staff are first aiders and are happy to administer first aid if at all necessary.  In addition all residential children’s groups bring their own first-aid kit and include an adult who is able to take on the role of ‘first-aider’.   Our staff are also very happy to contact the village doctors’ surgery or the ambulance service on a groups’ behalf, should this be required.

Is the Centre secure?

Our 3 acre site is surrounded by high walls and fences.  All adults on site wear identification badges.  The house itself is locked by Centre staff and visiting staff overnight so that no access is possible from the outside.

What do I need to provide for my child for their residential trip?

Most schools will provide children with a kit list for their trip – a list that will vary according to the time of year and the activities the school has chosen to partake in.  All bed linen is provided, but guests are requested to provide their own towels and toiletries.  The house is carpeted so we request that indoor shoes (plimsolls or similar) are worn. We recommend that all school parties are well prepared for working outside – the Centre does not provide wet weather clothing.

What should be left at home?

The house is equipped with a very sensitive fire detection system and we must therefore request that NO AEROSOLS be brought onto the premises as these gasses could trigger the alarm.  Adult guests are asked to adhere to our no smoking policy.  We recommend that children do not bring mobile phones, electronic games or CD players etc. and that they do not chew gum.

How is the Centre insured?

Burwell House is covered by the centrally provided LA insurance which does include public liability. However, it does not include Personal Accident cover or loss of personal effects or money. Group leaders are strongly advised to seek advice on taking out an additional School Journey insurance cover.

What meals are provided?

Residential groups are provided with two cooked meals a day plus breakfast.  Packed lunches are sometimes chosen, depending on the activities the groups are doing.  Our home-cooked food has an excellent reputation and we do our utmost to ensure that no one goes hungry and everyone has a balanced diet whilst they are resident with us.  Each school group will normally ask parents any special dietary requirements in the months before the visit.  We can cater for special diets as long as we know about them beforehand!

What activities will the children do?

In the months before each visit, our education staff will meet with school staff to plan a programme suitable for the age group, time of year and curriculum.  For information about the activities we offer, please click the Activities tab on the right hand side of this page.